Easy Bhang Recipes For Holi

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7 Easy Bhang Recipes For Holi

Go the bhang way!

Holi is the one festival that has something for everyone — promising a riot of colors, good food, lots of fun, and general bonhomie!

Bhang is the key to having a good time during the festivities because this is the bit that helps set the spirited mood.

Bhaang is made from the leaves and flowers of the female cannabis plant; bhang is considered a fun booster.

An intoxicant nonetheless, its consumption on Holi has been a tradition as old as time itself, so to add a kick to your celebrations, we’ve got some easy recipes.

Easy Bhang Recipes For Holi
Easy Bhang Recipes For Holi

In this post we shall cover:

  • How To Make Bhang Recipe
  • Recipe For Bhang Thandai
  • Recipe For Bhang Lassi
  • Recipe For Bhang Masala Chai
  • Recipe For Bhang Ki Chutney
  • Recipe For Bhang Besan Halwa
  • Recipe For Bhang Ke Pakode

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