Crispy Stuffed Gobi Ka Paratha: Winter Special Breakfast

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Crispy Stuffed Gobi Ka Paratha: Winter Special Breakfast

Gobi Ka Paratha/Gobi paratha or cauliflower paratha is an Indian whole wheat flatbread stuffed with a zesty cauliflower filling. This dish is fantastic for any meal and also makes a nice packed lunch. 

If you’re someone whose weekend breakfast cravings always include a stuffed paratha, then your prayers have been answered.

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If you’re hunting for something delicious to cook up this weekend, try your hand at gobi paratha!

This dish is a personal favorite in my household–we like to eat it with plain curd. I promise it’s worth all the calories.

It’s a Punjabi tradition to have stuffed parathas for breakfast that dates back hundreds of years. It’s now served at Indian restaurants all over the world, especially in the United Kingdom and Canada.

This delicious North Indian bread has a delectable filling of cauliflower florets grated with green chili peppers, cilantro (coriander) leaves, amchur, a pinc of sugar, salt, and garam masala spice mix. You can also add boiled potatoes or grated paneer to the filling. 

There are two ways of making gobi paratha – either by stuffing the filling inside the dough, or kneading grated cauliflower along with flour. 

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Crispy Stuffed Gobi Ka Paratha: Winter Special Breakfast
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    The kneaded parathas will be thin and delicate, whereas the stuffed variety will be thick and crunchy. I prefer the stuffed ones.

    If you want to make the perfect gobi paratha, don’t cook the cauliflower filling before stuffing it. 

    The traditional way is to grate the cauliflower and stuff it raw. This simple step will make a big difference in the final taste of your dish!

    However, if you want to use up leftover gobi ki sabji as a gobi ka paratha then that a different ball game altogether!

    This vegan gobi paratha is, crispy, filling with heavenly stuffing and a perfect recipe for weekend breakfast.

    How To Cook Crispy Stuffed Gobi Ka Paratha

    If you’re looking for an Indian flatbread with a delectable cauliflower filling, look no further than Gobi Ka Paratha!

    Not only is Gobi Ka Paratha great to serve for any meal, but it’s perfect for packing in lunch boxes too. Here’s the recipe:

    Crispy Stuffed Gobi Ka Paratha: Winter Special Breakfast
    Crispy Stuffed Gobi Ka Paratha: Winter Special Breakfast

    Prep Time: 20 minutes
    Cook Time: 30 minutes
    Total Time: 50 minutes

    Course: Main course/Tiffins
    Cuisine: Indian 
    Servings: 4 people

    Author: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai


    For the dough

    • 2 cups whole wheat flour
    • ½ teaspoon salt
    • 1 tbp vegetable oil

    For the stuffing

    • 2 cups grated cauliflower (moisture squeezed out)
    • 2 tsp finely chopped green chilli peppers
    • 2 tbsp fresh cilantro chopped (coriander)
    • 1 tsp fresh mint chopped (optional)
    • 1 tsp red chilli flakes
    • ½ tsp amchur powder (for slightly tangy taste)
    • salt to taste
    • ½ tsp foodalltime garam masala spice mix
    • Olive oil or ghee for frying

    Cooking Instructions

    For the dough

    1. Mix whole wheat flour, and vegetable oil in a large mixing bowl. You can also use a parat (Indian utensil) for kneading the dough.
    2. Gradually add water until the dough is soft. I use the cauiflower juice extracted fro the grated cauliflower.
    3. The amount of water required to kneed the dough will depend on the quality of the flour used. If you put too much water at one go, then the dough will become sticky. Knead the dough until it is smooth, for approximately 2-3 minutes.
    4. After that, place the dough in a plastic bag and refrigerate or place it on the counter again with a cloth over it for 20 minutes.

    For the stuffing

    1. To begin, prepare the cauliflower. Be sure to wash th cauliflower florets thoroughly and remove any green leaves or hard stems and check for any creepy crawly insects inside the florets.
    2. Use a box grater to create small pieces of cauliflower. You can also use a food processor, but make sure the cauliflower isn’t in large chunks or it will break the paratha once stuffed.
    3. add a little salt and squeeze tightly to drain out the cauliflower juice and set it aside. (see HELPFUL TIPS BELOW)
    4. Add grated cauliflower (moisture squeezed out), finely chopped green chilli peppers, chopped coriander, amchur, a pinch of sugar, red chilly flakes, salt to taste, and foodalltime garam masala spice mix to a medium-size mixing bowl and mix nicely.

    Assembling gobi ka paratha:

    1. Divide the dough into 8 balls of the same sizes. To make smooth balls, take the pieces and press them together gently inbetween your palms.
    2. Take one dough ball. Dust it with a little dry flour. Cover the remaining dough balls with a kitchen towel to keep them from drying out.
    3. Preheat a griddle over high heat and keep it ready on medium flame.
    4. Roll it out into a 3 inch disc using a rolling pin.
    5. Repeat the same with the other dough ball. Now you have 2 rolled-out discs of 3 inches each.
    6. Keep 2 tbsp filling in the centre of the disc and place the other disc on it. Bring the ends together and seal the disc.
    7. Dust again with dry flour on top and bottom and gently roll out to make a 6-inch disc.
    8. Gently apply light and even pressure while rolling the dough otherwise, otherwise, the paratha can break.
    9. Start from one side of the paratha and roll it until you reach the other, making sure to dust with dry flour if the dough starts to stick to either the rolling pin or surface. The edges of the dough should be rolled thinner than the center.
    10. Transfer the paratha to the griddle and increase the heat slightly.
    11. Cook for 1-2 mins until brown spots appear on the lower side. Flip the paratha and cook for 1-2 minutes until brown spots appear on the other side as well.
    12. To cook the parathas, apply ghee or oil to both sides and cook until golden brown. To get crispy, flavorful pancakes, press down on them while cooking with the back of a ladle.
    13. Make all the parathas using the same method. Serve hot with white butter, pickled vegetables or plain curd.

    Power-packed Recipes For Kids

    Top 12 easy and healthy recipes for kidstiffin‘ in 2018. 

    Crispy Stuffed Gobi Ka Paratha: Winter Special Breakfast
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      Helpful Tips

      -Add a little salt to the grated cauliflower and let it rest for 5 mins. Then squeeze out the excess water and keep it aside to be used in preparing the dough.

      -This will make sure that your paratha remains crisp and doesn’t turn soggy.

      -Do not add salt to the dough as the cauliflower juice already has salt in it.

      -Using cauliflower juice in preparing dough ensures that no nutrient goes waste and everything is used up.

      -I don’t throw away the squeezed-out water of the grated cauliflower.

      -If you want to avoid the above 5 points then do not add the salt if you are not making the paratha immediately. If you add salt to cauliflower, it will release water and make the filling moist. This can make it difficult to stuff and roll out the parathas as they’ll become soggy.

      -You can alternatively utilize a stand mixer with a dough attachment to knead the dough.

      -Do not overstuff the parathas with the filling. Otherwise, it will start falling out from the sides.

      -For crispy parathas, press down on them with the back of a spoon while frying.

      -To bind the stuffing, you may stir in potato or paneer, as well as cauliflower. If you just want to use cauliflower, skip the two above.

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