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Singhara Atta Cheela

Singhara Atta is primarily preferred during the Navratri Vrat. This is because flour contains many health benefits such as proteins, calcium, and vitamins, making it an appropriate food to be consumed during fasting.

The batter is flavored with green chilli, coriander, vegetables, and the basic Indian spice.

Singhara Atta CheelaPin
Singhara Atta Cheela

Kuttu ka paranthaPin
Kuttu ka parantha

Kuttu Ka Paratha

Kuttu ka paratha is made during the Navaratri fast or some other religious fast. According to fasting rules, only certain types of flour and ingredients may be consumed on fasting days.

Mashed potato is added to help bind the flour since buckwheat flour lacks gluten. Rotis are also easier to roll when potatoes are added.

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