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10 Best Diet Plans For Women Over 30

Do you remember how you used to joke about diet plans for women over 30s and exercises when you were in your early 20s?

Well, the joke does not seem like a joke when you explain them again in your 30s.

Keeping a strict diet plan and losing weight for good is a huge challenge for every age-band. Only after the 30s, it becomes a necessity; especially if you are a woman.

Being a woman I can speak from experience that we normally tend to accumulate weight near our abdomen and hips…isn’t that so so true and infuriating!

Losing weight can become a herculean task for women when they reach the 40s or attain menopause. It can be a difficult task shedding all that unwanted weight.

But hey… I said difficult and not impossible! So ladies don’t give up just yet… Give it a try.

It is true that a good diet plan can use up all of your time and energy when you are starting them from scratch but nothing to be worried about! All you need is smart planning and strategically follow-ups of those diet plans. Consistency is the name of the game.

And we might have the right ingredients or tips to spice up your ‘lose weight’ campaign.

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10 Best Diet Plans For Women Over 30PinPin

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Diet plans for womenPin

10 Easy Diet Plans For Women

1. Eat Five Times A Day

I guess it is the most said sentences on the internet right now. If you want to consume heart-healthy foods, you have to break it up into three meals and two snacks period over a day.

The snacks period should not cross the 200 calories red signal. Also, for lunch or dinner, you need to have something heavy such as protein shakes, boiled eggs, yogurt etc. Remember, quality and quantity both matters in a diet meal plan.

Your total consumption in a day should be approx 1500 calories and remember to create a negative balance by exercising and yoga. Stay tuned in with me and watch out as I’ll be handing out freebies on yoga too in collaboration with a yoga instructor.

2. Do Not Skip Breakfast

Due to the hectic life that we lead, lots of people have the tendency of skipping their breakfast. That is one unhealthiest act to get habituated with. You should never skip your breakfast; especially if you are maintaining your best diet plan.

Keep your breakfast light with a boiled egg and bread but do not skip it entirely. Always remember, have Breakfast Like A King, Lunch Like A Prince And Dine Like A Pauper to lose weight. Even the leading scientists have confirmed this proverb.

3. Get Proteins

The secret of the best diet plan is to keep all the nutritional value at a balance. However, protein has the most important role to play in a diet. So, outsource proteins!

Whenever you are having any meal, make sure it has 14 g of protein and 25 g or less carbohydrate. This is the ideal way to keep your weight loss foods balanced and perfectly working.

Your diet should have more of protein, fiber, and fruits (watch out for high-calorie fruits) and minimal of carbs and fats.

4. Do Not Clean Your Kid’s Plates

This is an absolute NO, NO. If you are over 30, I am assuming you have a kid in your house. And every new mom has this bad habit of eating all the leftovers on their kid’s plate. That is a big barrier in your diet plan.

These kinds of acts of will disturb your diet plan and you will never lose weights, even if you do everything else right. The more you clean the plates of your kids, the more you keep on adding.

Keep a dog for that or feed a stray with that leftover food. Trust me the adoration in their eyes and the wags of their tails will be your compensation.

5. Get Proper Sleep

In case of a diet plan for women, not all the works are done by the food alone. If you want your diet chart to work accurately, it is best to get yourself a sleep chart as well. You need at least a 6 hours long sound sleep, otherwise, your diet plan will never work out.

Not a lot of people know about it but sleep actually helps you in losing weight easily if combined with the proper diet plan.

10 Best Diet Plans For Women Over 30Pin
10 Best Diet Plans For Women Over 30

6. Hormonal Dysfunction

Hormonal dysfunction is a serious issue for a woman over 30. After 30, the hormonal functions in a woman’s body go through a drastic change and that eventually contributes a hand in gaining weight.

So, to keep your hormones at peace, try to take tulsi and maca powder on a regular basis. Also, keep an eye out for your iodine level to save yourself any kind of thyroid problem. It’s advisable to get your biannual health check-up done. Right from HB- TLC/DLC, sugar, lipid profile, EEG, ECG, BP everything!

You deserve to be healthy to be a happy mom. As the saying goes… “You Don’t Win The War By Becoming A Martyr. You Win The War By Defeating Your Enemy.” Don’t ignore yourself for the family. A healthy mom makes a happy family.

7. The Bone Health

The best diet plan should not only include the concern of weight loss but it should include taking care of the whole body as well. It is known that women’s bones are more fragile than that of a man.

So, if you are over your 30s, it is the time to start taking care of your calcium level. Add milk, yogurt, curd, cheese, broccoli, almonds on your daily chart. Osteoporosis strikes us women after menopause so the only way to beat this is a regular uptake of calcium throughout your life.

8. Find Motivation

It is not enough to get all the essential food items to carry on with your diet plan but it needs some serious motivation from other people to make this diet a success.

So, find out other people who are going through the same diet problems as you are and gather your motivation without any problem. Join yoga classes or groups and if you don’t have time for that then I offer you a simpler alternative… stay tuned in to my blog and subscribe to emails where all the freebies on yoga will be handed out to you in collaboration with a yoga instructor.

How to do Videos of simple asanas will help you save that money for an extra saree or a piece of jewellery that you can treat yourself with after losing weight.

9. Supplements

It is true that supplements might not enhance your weight loss procedure but it could be a big start. Different supplements such as Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Probiotics, and Fish oil, etc. can work as great supplements if you have them regularly.

Free Meal Planner And Recipe Organizer

10 Best Diet Plans For Women Over 30PinPin

Free Meal Planner Developed by Our Experts Which Will Help You Track Your Calories And Plan Your Meals

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10. Manage Stress

Last but not the least; stress is not a friend of good health. So, it does not matter whether you are trying to lose weight or not, stress will not help at all.

Stress challenges your metabolism a lot and it will deactivate all the diet plans that you are on. To get a stress free life, you can get support from your friends and family. Also, you can try meditation and yoga.

10 Best Diet Plans For Women Over 30Pin

What to EAT In Your 30s

It is true that diet plans can be tricky. Thus, here we have enlisted some of the common food dishes and items that you should consider seriously before you start your diet.

  • Mediterranean diet– Light tuna with chopped tomatoes, white beans, and cucumber.
  • Almond butter sandwich
  • A cup of yogurt daily at lunch
  • Have lots of beans at your lunch or dinner
  •  Peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts– try every kind of nuts when you are on your diet with an ambition of losing weights. Have them the moment you open your eyes to kick-start your metabolism.
  • Try to include whole grains in your dieting system.

So, these are some of the tricks that you can use in your 30s to lose weight or to maintain a healthy life for yourself. However, it is always suggested that you consult a doctor first before you start your serious diet planning.

Happy Dieting… Nay, I Would Say Happy Diet Planning!

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