9 Ways How To Reduce Uric Acid Level In Your BodyPin

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9 Ways How To Reduce Uric Acid Level In Your Body

I’m not a doctor, but I can offer some general suggestions that might help you lower uric acid levels. 

If you suspect you have high uric acid levels or gout, it’s important to consult a medical professional for personalized advice.

9 Ways How To Reduce Uric Acid Level In Your BodyPin
9 Ways How To Reduce Uric Acid Level In Your Body

Here are some lifestyle changes and tips that might be beneficial:

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water helps dilute uric acid in the blood and promotes its excretion through urine. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Dietary Changes

  1. Limit Purine-Rich Foods: Purines are compounds that break down into uric acid. Foods that are high in purines are organ meats (liver, kidney), red meat, seafood (anchovies, sardines, mussels), and certain vegetables (spinach, asparagus, mushrooms). Reducing the consumption of these foods might help.
  2. Moderate Alcohol: Alcohol, especially beer, can lead to increased uric acid levels. Limit alcohol intake or avoid it altogether.
  3. Limit Fructose/Reduce Sugary Foods and Drinks: Fructose can increase uric acid production. Limit sugary sodas, sweets, and processed foods. High intake of fructose, found in sugary beverages and foods, can raise uric acid levels. Avoid or limit these sources.
  4. Choose Low-Fat Dairy: Low-fat dairy products have been associated with lower uric acid levels. They may help due to their purine content being lower than high-fat dairy.
  5. Increase Complex Carbohydrates: Foods rich in complex carbohydrates, like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, may help lower uric acid levels.

Weight Management

Maintaining an optimum healthy weight can help lower uric acid levels, as excess weight can add on to higher levels of uric acid in the blood.

Regular stipulated exercise or physical activity can aid in weight management and improve overall health. However, avoid intense exercise during gout flares, as it might worsen symptoms.

Limit Stress/Manage Stress

Stress can trigger gout attacks. Chronic stress can contribute to elevated uric acid levels. Incorporate stress-reduction techniques like meditation, yoga, or deep breathing into your routine. 

9 Ways How To Reduce Uric Acid Level In Your BodyPin
9 Ways How To Reduce Uric Acid Level In Your Body

Alcohol Moderation

Alcohol, particularly beer, can lead to higher uric acid levels. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.

Vitamin C

Studies suggest that vitamin C may help lower uric acid levels. Citrus fruits, strawberries, and kiwi are good sources of vitamin C.

Cherry Consumption

Cherries and cherry juice have been associated with lower uric acid levels and reduced gout attacks in some studies.

Avoid Crash Diets

Rapid weight loss or extreme diets can lead to an increase in uric acid levels. Aim for gradual and sustainable weight loss.


In some cases, healthcare professionals may prescribe medications to help lower uric acid levels, especially if you have gout or other related conditions.

These medications include xanthine oxidase inhibitors (allopurinol, febuxostat) and uricosuric agents (probenecid).

Point To Note

Remember, these tips are general guidelines and might not be suitable for everyone. It’s crucial to work with a healthcare professional to develop a personalized plan based on your medical history and current health status.

If you have a medical condition like gout, high uric acid levels, or kidney issues, consult your doctor/physician before making any significant changes to your diet or lifestyle.

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