The Best And The Worst Keto Diet Snacks (2) (1)

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The Best And The Worst Keto Diet Snacks

The Best And The Worst Keto Diet Snacks.
The Best And The Worst Keto Diet Snacks.

Are you feeling hungry and famished on your keto diet, but it’s not yet meal-time?

Then the perfect answer to your problems is keto diet snacks! Snacks can buy you some extra time, enabling you to postpone meals to fit your busy agenda.

Snacking, nevertheless, should perhaps not occur every day. One of the biggest parts of trying keto is that hunger may be held at bay for hours following meals.

If you constantly need to snack, try combining more fat to your meals. Check out some fabulous keto snack alternatives below, and common snacking blunders to avoid.

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Easy Whole Foods: Keto Diet Snacks

Take the edge off your hunger pangs with these delicious options. Practically no preparation needed!

Keto basics like cheese, avocados, macadamia nuts, and olives have healthful fats and minimized carbs.

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The figures below the snacks are the percent of dietary carbohydrates, i.e. net carbs.

So for instance, 100 grams of avocado comprises of 2 grams of net carbs.

Some fatty cold cuts, a slice of cheese, a few olives, or a few slices of bacon are excellent for keto munching and snacking.

If you happen to snack on nuts, choose the lowest-carb alternatives like Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans.

Be careful with cashews, though.

A hard-boiled egg is an all-embracing keto snack — try it with mayo, cream cheese, butter or a keto dip.

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Healthy Keto Diet Snacks

Fix up some keto snacks at residence to have tasty alternatives easily on hand.

Some popular options are listed in the Healthy Keto Diet Snacks list below.

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Vegetable Sticks

Snack unobstructedly on the lowest-carb greens. Carrots are a tad higher in carbs though and can add up swiftly towards the daily limit.

Keto Berry Snacks- Berries And Cream


Moderate quantities of fresh or frozen berries are okay from time-to-time, but too much can kick you out of ketosis. The most excellent keto alternatives are raspberries & blackberries. Blueberries’ carbs can add up swiftly. Check out our guide to keto fruits and berries for details.

Heavy Whipping Cream

To enjoy a self-indulgent treat with berries, put a dab of whipped heavy cream, i.e. 33 to 40% fat as a topping, but do not add any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Allow its natural freshness to shine through. Be cautious, though as it is so delicious that it is easy to eat more than you need, which could hinder weight loss.

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Keto Chocolate Snacks

Some people are amazed that on a keto diet you can infrequently have a chocolate feast.

Yes, you can but, remember to keep it down to a small amount – probably one or two squares at most 11 – of high-cocoa chocolate of 70% or more.

Avoid usual milk chocolate and dark chocolate as they have too many carbohydrates.

One square of chocolate has 2 grams of carbs. A square of chocolate has 3.5 carbs. Cutting a square of 70% or 85% chocolate over whipped cream makes a little goes a long way.  

The Best And The Worst Keto Diet Snacks.
The Best And The Worst Keto Diet Snacks.

Other Keto Snacks

Pork Rinds

Also called cracklings-chicharrones, or pork crisps, these snacks are zero carb treats when you want to eat something salty and crunchy.

Artisanal pork rinds which are increasingly being made by keto managers are excellent in taste to the mass-produced packaged product.

Beef Jerky

Read the packages and pick the ones with the lowest net carbs, as several commercial brands have loads of sugar. Most brands normally have at least 9 grams of net carbs per 100 grams. Many individuals prefer to make their own.

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A South African dried, spiced meat, normally made of beef, venison or ostrich. It usually has no sugar and is meat which has been marinated for many days in salt, spices, & vinegar and then sun-dried. You can prepare it at home too.


Note that hose yellow little circles may need to be eaten in moderation if you want to stay in ketosis.

Common Keto Snacking Mistakes

Milk coffees

Cafe lattes and cappuccinos have loads of carbs. A 470 ml latte has 18 grams of carbs. The same 470 ml size skimmed milk latte has approximately 19 grams of carbs.

Drink black coffee, with a tiny amount of milk or cream. Instead, if you require more energy from fat, try these other hot keto drinks too.

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Do not drink juice, regular sports drinks, and vitamin waters as they are full of sugar.


While berries are fine from time-to-time and are known as nature’s candy, you might require to avoid other higher carb fruits. A small banana has 20 grams of carbohydrates.


It is a high carb nut, so choose lower-carb options.

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Keto Snacks: Horrible Choices

Traditional snacks like chips, candy, chocolate bars, nachos, and doughnuts, are all dangerous for your well-being and your waistline too.

Avoid them on a keto diet. But here is the great news too: a keto diet can frequently subdue and sometimes even put a stop to yearnings for these foods.

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A statement of warning though; be cautious of “keto” or “low carb” versions of chocolate bars, cakes, cookies, ice cream, candies, and other sweets found in the market.

They might support people’s cravings for a sweet taste, and can often make you consume more than you require.

They are frequently full of sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners (whose health consequences are not yet known), that can increase your blood sugar levels. Weight loss also may stall or slow down.

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Quick Bites Options

Sometimes you just want a little something to put off lunch or dinner. Consider a quick ready mixture:

  • Cucumber or lettuce spread with mayonnaise
  • Parmesan crisps smeared with butter
  • Slice of cheese smeared with butter
  • Celery filled with natural peanut butter, cream cheese, brie or other soft cheese
  • A slice of bacon spread with peanut butter
  • Slice of salami and cheese rolled together
  • cheese Slice with celery, cucumber, radish or wrapped in lettuce
  • A spoonful of butter, ghee or coconut oil melted into coffee or tea
  • A cup of Keto hot chocolate or Bulletproof coffee

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Want some keto hors d’oeuvres? Meaning, little snack foods served before or outside of the main dishes of a meal. Try some packaged snacks.

Packaged Snacks On The Go

When you are travelling or are late at work, you need something in your counter for those evenings where you are stuck at the office. You are maybe carpooling when you should be eating dinner at home. Regardless, you need to eat something with keto-friendly calories.

Here is a list of packaged snack alternatives that are keto-friendly and give a keto boost in keto weight loss plan. Check the macros to see if they accommodate your individual regimen.

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We’ve inserted links to some of these snacks solely for your convenience. FoodAllTime will earn a small commission from your purchases.

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So whether you snack at home or while on the move in the car while driving home or going to work, keep it all keto and strengthen your healthful substitutes for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, sometimes, the best snack is a bite or two of the previous day’s supper. With that in mind, for even more motivation, don’t forget to see all of our keto recipes.

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The Best And The Worst Keto Diet Snacks

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