India and Black Friday 2019

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India and Black Friday 2019

India and Black Friday 2019

On FoodAllTime you’ll find all the information about Black Friday from around the world as well as in India. We’ve researched this event in different markets so that you don’t miss anything at all. What’s more, you’ll even find the best discounts in your country including India which is the best and biggest discount provider on earth!

Facts and Numbers of Black Friday

These facts and numbers are based on research

  • Around the world and in India, Black Friday shall take place on 29th November 2019.
  • The peak of shopping activity shall take place between 8-11 PM.
  • During Black Friday, an average Indian would be buying 3 products.
  • Indians plan to spend around ₹4770 per person in both online and their favourite brick-and-mortar stores.

Black Friday sale plays an important role in the autumn and winter season. This is not only in terms of e-commerce turnover but also the activity of shoppers both online and offline.

With the onset of November, middle-sized and small businesses, as well as biggest players on the market, start their Black Friday preparations. They announce huge sales to take place by the end of November, both online as well as brick-and-mortar stores all over the country.

Interestingly, merchants claim that all this is not entirely about the fight and striving to increase their sales. In a way, sellers and buyers swap places while the Black Friday is on. Let me explain this in a simpler way…

In normal day to day circumstances, users/customers stand to gain benefits by shopping regularly and thus asserting their loyalty towards the stores. But in November, stores are the ones that must prove loyalty toward their clients. This can be assessed with regard to the level and amount of rebates and also the availability of highly discounted products in the market.

 For the past few years now, FoodAllTime analysts have been closely following Black Friday trends in India as well as across the world. Below, we are happy to present a handful of statistics and interesting facts connected with the busiest shopping day in the world.

Nevertheless, over the past few years, the event has eventually grown into a shopping marathon that has the demand and capacity to last for many days.

In-Depth: What is Black Friday- Sales and Trends

Interest In Black Friday Sales Across The Week

It may sometimes start on Thursday and extend until the end of the week, or even the month.

In an eager attempt to capture consumers’ attention and woo them, some stores start the so-called presales as early as Monday. However, in several countries, the prime time of shoppers’ interest catapults on that very day.

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In India, Google Trends data for 19th-25th November 2018 shows that 1/3rd of all queries related to sales were recorded on Black Friday, which is all of 35.7%. However, the interest of customers starts to grow on Wednesday and eventually fades by Sunday. This tendency is characteristic for not only other countries but India as well.

The research conducted by FoodAllTime in 2018 shows that 56 % of surveyed Indians were aware of the existence and importance of Black Friday. But, not all of them were able to recollect the specific date, which may explain the restrained increase of interest in this event even a few weeks before it takes place (Google Trends).

Sales Increase on Black Friday

Sales Increase on Black Friday as compared to an ordinary day.

The internal FoodAllTime data for 2018 in India presents an 828% rise in sales compared to an average day. Such steep numbers are not unusual. For example, in Germany — over 2418%, in Singapore the increase is 511% and in the United Kingdom — over 1708%.

India and Black Friday 2019
India and Black Friday 2019

Shopping Activity on Black Friday in India Hourly

As much as ‘Black Friday’ indicates it confirms American influence on Indian culture as far as shopping is concerned.

Citizens of other countries, unlike the United States, do not usually have a day off on Black Friday. Although zeniths of online shopping activity in various countries are slightly different, generally they fall on the same day – morning & evening.

On the Indian Internet, the enthusiasm of shopping was distributed quite evenly between 11 AM-11 PM, with zeniths between 8-11 PM according to data for 2018.

Contrarily, in countries like Finland, Turkey,  Singapore, Hong Kong or Greece, Black Friday seems to have been much- predicted— based on the fact that most of the shopping was done immediately after twelve midnight.

In-Depth: Black Friday Sale 2019 India: A Week-Long Event

Level of Discounts Vs Shoppers’ Expectation

The statistical data accumulated for several years show that an average Black Friday discount in India has a varied range.

The statistical data gathered from the past several years show that an average Black Friday discount in India has slightly increased from 46% in 2017 to 48% in 2018. These figures are similar to the expectations of Indian consumers who get ready for 50% reduction.

Shoppers from Peru, Belarus including Greece expects higher price reductions 62%. Regrettably, local stores are able to offer discounts which are 8-10% points lower than what is anticipated by customers.

Notwithstanding, while monitoring the deals from stores in RSA, the Philippines, Ukraine has shown that the retailers in these countries are ready to offer far more tempting discounts, exceeding the expectations of shoppers.

Level of Discounts and Shoppers’ Expectations

Shopping and Bargain have become, pretty literally, an integral part of the retail. This inadvertently shapes the expectancies of the buyer/seller when it comes to finding and fixing a deal. While additionally imparting an exceptional level of service and convenience and comfort.

India and Black Friday 2019
India and Black Friday 2019

Best Selling Products Purchased By the Indians

As per poll among Indians, who will be taking part in the Black Friday frenzy, 55% have already decided what to purchase.

As for the number of bought items, the Indians will be buying 3.1 on an average. Statistics of the past years indicate that the most sought after categories of products shortlisted for Black Friday sales among shoppers in India are cosmetics and perfumes, shoes,  electronics, clothing, as well as jewellery.

Fashion products take the lead during Black Friday around the world. However, in some countries like Brazil, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, or Romania, electronics prevail in shopping carts.

Pyramid of Shopping Preferences

In India, the pyramid ranges from clothing to electronics.

India and Black Friday 2019
India and Black Friday 2019

Spendings on Black Friday

Indians are planning to take part in both brick-and-mortar sales and online.

Those Indians who choose more than 1 channel are ready to splurge around ₹4770, which is equal to US$69.

In other countries, shoppers have a comparatively smaller budget in mind, like Pakistanis (US$35), Nigerians (US$61) or Kazakhstanis (US$58). In comparison, consumers who have decided to spend record-breaking amounts come from Canada (US$430), the USA (US$485), Ireland (US$339), the United Arab Emirates (US$291) and, the United Kingdom (US$397).

As per the data from 2018, when shopping online during Black Friday, more than half i.e. 58.1% of Indian customers used their smartphones, 39.3% preferred desktops for security reasons, and the remaining 2.6% chose tablets/i-pads. Online shopping with smartphones was a global trend, noted among others in the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, or Indonesia.

 Methodology and Data Source

All statistical data comes from surveys dedicated exclusively to Black Friday sales.

The research and surveys conducted in July, as well as November 2018 amongst 21 thousand volunteers and respondents from 55 countries, were also used in the report.

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