Why Should You Avoid Eating Oil Fried Foods?
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Why Should You Avoid Eating Oily Fried Foods?

Why Should You Avoid Eating Oily Fried Foods?

Why Should You Avoid Eating Oil Fried Foods?
Why Should You Avoid Eating Oil Fried Foods?

With so many cultural diversities India is a land of foodies.  A large majority of it loves to have oily deep-fried food.

Whenever we notice someone consuming or even discussing about fried stuff like kachori, samosa, etc. our mind starts orbiting around its yummy, savory, and delightful taste.

Just the concept of it makes our mouth to water. Not only the kids, but youngsters and adults also have a weakness towards these oil-soaked foods.

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This oil glistening food may seem healthy and also tastes delicious, but one should be conscious of the fact that excess oil consumption will traverse to multiple health problems.

An abundance of greasy food attaches undesirable calories along with needless extra fats to your body.

Points Against Consuming Oil Fried Foods

So before going to a renowned restaurant which has a delightfully endless list of mouth-watering deep-fried food, consider a bit and take a look at the underwritten purposes.

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Extra of Anything is Harmful- Same Goes with the Calories

Why Should You Avoid Eating Oil Fried Foods?
Why Should You Avoid Eating Oil Fried Foods?

Deep-Fried food is harmful. Calories are one of the quintessential things to address in this case as it plays a vital role in the running of our body system.

We don’t say that calories are harmful, but extra calories definitely are.

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When we deep fry a meal item in oil, then it increases calorie density.

The rationalisation behind this is that whenever any foodstuff is deep-fried in oil, then the food material soaks the fats from oil and increases the calories.

Deep frying delivers you just a gratifying taste and nothing more than that.

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The oil cleaves off all the natural minerals along with oxidants which are needed by our body.

Oil absorption in excess is one of the inferences for obesity which in itself embraces a whole lot of diseases.

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Fried Food is A Nutrient Assassin

If you think that the fried food, which you consume, have remarkable nutrients in it then you are mistaken.

Countless people believe that veggie greens such as mushroom and cauliflower, if deep-fried and eaten, provide a lot of nutrients to our body.

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But this is nothing more than a fable. The truth is that fried food attaches nothing except bad fats simultaneously with empty calories to our body.

The process of frying wastes all the good nutrients as well as crucial vitamins and minerals, and we end-up begetting dissipated stuff with empty calories.

Higher Possibilities of High Cholesterol and Heart Complications

Why Should You Avoid Eating Oily Fried Foods
Why Should You Avoid Eating Oily Fried Foods

Although fried food is attractive and tempting; however, we should know that this toothsome food is taking thee towards harmful heart disorders.

Diet having a high dimension of fried things tends to have a high volume of saturated fat which rises our body’s total cholesterol simultaneously with LDL cholesterol.

You must have discerned that when you deep fry a menu item, say meat, a cluster of bubbles comes out of it.

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Have you ever wondered why?

This is because of the water present in the meat. This water retains the moisture in the meat, keeping it delicate and moist.

When you fry it then this water encounters with the hot oil around it preventing the oil from soaking in.

This process ends in bubble formation.

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As soon as the water evaporates/dries, the meat is left saturated with oil and nothing else.

Meat previously has loads of saturated fat in it, and by frying it, we append a lot more.

When we eat this kind of stuff, then we place ourselves at a greater hazard of high cholesterol and heart ailments.

Consuming Oily Fried Stuff is not Good for Kidney Patients

We all understand that that main organ of our body which filters body liquids is the kidney.

But in the case of patients who have ailments concerning the kidney, it enhances a problematical task for their kidney to filter toxic fats.

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The fried food carries, as we discussed above, loads of useless and harmful fats, and due to kidney malfunctioning, a person is incapable of filtering unwanted fat from fried stuff.

This leads to a higher death risk for kidney patients. So, it is suggested to go for healthfuller choices, than the deep-fried food, to endure a long, healthy, and prosperous life.

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Beware of Cancer Risk

Why Should You Avoid Eating Oily Fried Foods
Why Should You Avoid Eating Oily Fried Foods

Beware of the risk of Cancer!

When we fry our food, it becomes brown. Have you ever thought about why this occurs?

This is so when we deep fry our meals, minerals which are associated to carbon gets burnt and the food loses required vitamins as well as minerals leaving it brown which is not considered a good sign for our body.

One must understand that a carcinogen like acrylamide is released when we fry a food item at high heat.

This acrylamide is abundant in carbohydrates content. The purpose behind informing you this is that the carcinogen is correlated with cancer.

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The overconsumption of fried food may lead your body to ailments like cancer, or prostate cancer which is commonly found in men.

Minor changes in the cellular level can also lead you to cancer.

Many researches show the continuous consumption of deep-fried products is acknowledged one of the significant reason behind breast, head, neck, and pancreatic cancer.

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The Role of Air Fryer

Top Best Selling Best Air Fryers In India
Top Best Selling Best Air Fryers In India

We have discovered a lot about the adverse effects of the fried product, but we can’t solely quit eating these kinds of stuff.

We all relish fried food items, and there is an approach through which we can continue eating these items without many dilemmas.

So, here is the little secret for you: The Air Fryer. The best air fryers in India is a better alternative than going for the option of deep-frying.

Here is how it is better.

What Makes Air Fryer Better than Traditional Deep Frying?

Air Fryer is innovative merchandise that can fry the food item without deep frying it in the oil loaded with fats.

This is an appliance which uses hot air to fry the item and uses almost no oil.

The unique Rapid Air Technology makes it possible for the Air Fryer to work so efficiently.

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Whether you want to cook chicken or doughnuts, chips or fries, everything can be easily prepared in it utilising the superheated air circulation.

This distribution of hot air of about 200 degree Celsius prepares the food very efficiently and gives it a brownish as well as a crispy exterior.

The Air Fryer is competent enough to cook the food with 80 per cent less fat when contrasted to the traditional deep-frying method.

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Best Air Fryer Models in India – Our Top Picks

Philips Viva Collection HD9220 2.2 LitrePigeon Super Air Fryer 3.2 LitreKenstar Aster Oxy Fryer 3.0 LitreAmerican Micronic Air Fryer 3.2 Litre
Why Should You Avoid Eating Oily Fried Foods?Why Should You Avoid Eating Oily Fried Foods?Why Should You Avoid Eating Oily Fried Foods?Why Should You Avoid Eating Oily Fried Foods?
Best Air Fryer Models in India – Our Top Picks

In a research which was realeased in the International Food Research Journal, the researchers analysed the Air fryer and the traditional method of deep-frying.

It was found out that the air fryer is competent enough to decrease the oil uptake.

Other than this, peroxide values, free fatty acids along with physio-chemical changes, were also compared.

The researcher ultimately gave their judgment in support of Air frying and recognised it as a healthy method than deep frying.

My Final Thought…

So, now that you are well informed, you can dance up in joy as you have got an authentic solution to your dilemma.

You don’t have to renounce your favourite food as the Air Fryer is there to assist and support you.

You can now relish your yummy fried food without any dread of health problems.

Way To Healthy Eating
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