Mother’s Day Special Offer at FoodAllTime

Mother’s Day Special Offer at FoodAllTime

Mother's Day Special Offer at FoodAllTime

Happy Mother’s day Maa. Moms are always special for their children.

75 yrs ago God knew that you’ll be needed, loved and doted upon not only by your husband or your daughters but also by your grandchildren. Again being the eldest daughter I take the privilege and liberty to address you today on both our behalf (Me & Apu.)

You have been an exceptional mother with a wonderful combination of warmth, kindness, loving nature, intelligence, gentleness, inspiration, generosity, strictness…. and a real & rare friend. Even the thought of you makes us feel loved. Often, we catch ourselves doing something right and realize that it was you who taught us to do it. We owe so much to you. Your laughter has filled our lives like nothing else could.

You’re our champion and super mom…. because you have invested all your time, energy and tender, loving care in us… and continue to do so even today. Even though you had your job, you always had time to cook our favourite tiffins, wash our dirty linens, teach us, keep a tab on our friend circle, and take us out for Christmas party to DSOI, when papa was not in station…

None can replace your love… not even God himself and words are not enough to express how much we love you.

Proud to be your daughters, Maa

Love you lotttttttttttts


Mother’s Day is all about bonds. Forge closer ties with your mother and make her day memorable.

Come avail this Mother’s Day Special Offer at FoodAllTime and let’s celebrate this mother’s day together by sharing our mother’s favourite recipes that you have cherished eating all your life.

Be creative and shower your love on your mother just the way she has been doing it for you all these years.

And do you know what is the best part…

There is no fee for this. It’s free!


Offer valid only till 15th May 2018 Only!

Send your entries to

The best entries will get featured here on FoodAllTime

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