Best Auto Clean Chimney in India

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Best Auto Clean Chimney in India

Best Auto Clean Chimney in India
Best Auto Clean Chimney in India

Kitchen chimney is one of the crucial appliances that makes the kitchen clean and free from smoke, but cleaning the chimney is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Auto clean solves the getting rid of the oil particles from the kitchen chimney itself, without human intervention. We hope this article helps you to choose the right kitchen chimney that suitable for your kitchen needs.

Use our kitchen chimney selector to know the right ductless kitchen chimney ideal according to your kitchen needs.

What Is An Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney?

Primarily an auto clean chimney requires zero to least maintenance.  In an auto clean chimney, a separate oil collector is provided. All the oil particles that may be present cooking fumes are effectively collected in this collector.

The auto-cleaning chimney is equipped with Aluminium non-stick turbine blower through which cooking fumes passes.

Due to the centrifugal forces, all the oil particles are forced to move toward the blower wall and are collected in easy to remove and washable collector/bowls.

These easily detachable oil collector bowels have to be washed once a month depending on its usage and the content of oily cooking done in your kitchens. You get all this at no extra effort to clean oil collectors thus saving you some precious time to do something more important. All you need is to press the “auto clean” control button while cooking.

Top Kitchen Chimney Brands Producing Auto Clean Chimneys in India

Reasons Why You Should Use an Auto Clean Chimney

Sparing time is one of the significant components to consider while purchasing electronic apparatuses.

An Auto clean kitchen hood encourages the user/cook to spare time by empowering themselves with gadgets with programmed choices.

The programmed automatic cleaning features available today have changed plenty of lives since it sets aside cash by decreasing customary administration alternatives adequately.

An auto clean smokestack/chimney for Kitchen empowers users to spare time by turning Auto-clean catch on the machine.

The majority of the cutting edge auto clean chimneys are accessible at moderate expenses.

As the item has a long life expectancy, it is an intelligent venture to set aside cash and time usually.

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Key Benefits of Using the Auto Clean Chimney for Kitchen

  • Time Saver
  • Oil Collection Options
  • Increased Life Span
  • Suction Power
  • Price
Best Auto Clean Chimney in India
Best Auto Clean Chimney in India

Spares time

Auto clean kitchen hoods from presumed brands set aside both time and cash like best air coolers by maintaining a strategic distance from paid customary administration exercises.

Time is a significant component for each person. It is essential to clean the fireplace all the time since it helps in offering great execution.

Auto clean stacks are intended to evacuate oil and oily components with the assistance of trendsetting innovation choices.

Oil Authority Alternatives

It is clear that the auto cleaning highlight is fruitful on account of a different oil authority in the item. It is significant for each client to clean the authority in an endorsed way since it upgrades the exhibition of the item for a long-range of time

Life Expectancy

An auto clean fireplace for kitchen does not require normal costly administration choices due to different reasons. As programmed cleaning enables clients to clean the item effectively, it is simpler to utilize it for quite a while.

Life expectancy is diminished in customary smokestacks due to oil stops up on the channel. As oil obstructs on the channel, it is important to clean or administration the channel a few times in per month.

As auto clean fireplaces for kitchen play out the assignment successfully, it is obvious that the life expectancy is steadily expanded.

Suction Control

The suction power is higher in auto cleaning fireplaces for the kitchen since oil does not obstruct in the channel.

The majority of the conventional stacks don’t offer oil authorities, which lessens the suction control over some undefined time frame.


The cost of the auto cleaning smokestack for the kitchen is costly contrasted with the exemplary alternative.

It is vital for each client to assess the cost utilization consistently in light of the fact that it encourages them to pick the correct item dependent on the necessity.


The great kitchen smokestacks devour a ton of intensity and require customary cleaning administrations.

As an auto cleaning fireplace performs the vast majority of the assignments consequently, it is apparent that individuals shell out less cash over some stretch of time.


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How to Clean A Kitchen Chimney? Clean Baffle Filters and Mesh 

Baffle filter and Mesh are the crucial components, which requires regular day to day cleaning to increase the lifespan of the chimney in an effective way. Remove the Baffle filter and Mesh effectively by reading manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly because it helps you clean with the help of various liquid solutions available in the market.

Best Auto Clean Chimney in India

Different Liquid Solutions to Clean a Chimney

You can use various methods to clean your chimney. You can use chemicals or try home remedies too.

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Baking Soda
  • Paint thinner
  • Caustic Soda

Kitchen Chimney Design

  • Duct Chimneys
  • Ductless Chimneys

What Is A Duct Chimney?

Conduit fireplace works in a conventional technique, which accompanies various plans dependent on the spending limit. These stacks are known to cost lesser than the ductless fireplaces on account of imaginative and cutting edge innovation.

Channel stack requires pipes to pass the smoke or smoke in a compelling manner. The item is permitted to introduce just on specific spots with pipe association office. It is significant for each client to assess the kitchen office well ahead of time to pick the correct item effectively.

What Is A Ductless Chimney?

Ductless fireplaces or ductless hoods are the most essential kitchen gear, which offers simple establishment ventures in wherever. It isn’t important to have a pipe so as to introduce ductless smokestacks.

The exhaust or smoke would be sifted dependent on the machine and discharges back to the room. The ductless stacks are normally worked with the assistance of enacted carbons and charcoals to clean the smoke in a speedy range of time.

How to Clean Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

Prior, a fireplace was only a gap in the roof through which cooking smoke and scent could getaway. With the coming of power came the kitchen fumes fan which is commonly known as exhaust.

While the fan/exhaust was great at sucking out the smoke and smell, the individual who was cooking would get all teary-eyed and the area behind the stove would, as a rule, be splattered with the oil and remainders of food.

The electric Chimney or kitchen hood has supplanted its prior symbols in most present-day kitchens’. The electric chimney/kitchen hood is a sleek and stylish piece of a modular kitchen.

Its hood is around 3-4 feet over the cooking hob. A chimney can be put over an island or along one wall of the kitchen, where the cooking area is in the structure of the modular kitchen.

Chimneys can be ducted as well as non-ducted. The ducted Chimneys have a PVC pipe through which cooking exhaust moves out of the kitchen. The ductless fireplace reuses the cooking air and circulates once more into the kitchen in the wake of cleaning it.

Advantages of Auto Clean Filters

It forestalls the oil and oil particles from adversely influencing the suction intensity of the kitchen chimney that in this way lessen the kitchen chimney’s performance.

Aluminum non-stick turbine blower avoids oil from clogging up, and in this way, expands the existence time of inside parts. As the oil gets accumulated in the tray- subsequently, there is no compelling reason to now.; and again wash the channel.

 Autoclean chimneyNon-auto clean chimney
Oil collectorThe oil is sucked from kitchen fumes by the Non-stick aluminium blower turbine blower and is stored in oil collector or bowlThere is no oil collector or bowl attached. Oil gets stuck in the filter which demands cleaning regularly.
LifespanThe oil does not stick to internal parts as oil gets stored in the oil collector, so thereby the life span of the filter increases.Oil often gets stuck, in the filters and clog the internal parts of the chimney and thus affecting the lifespan and the efficiency of chimney’s internal parts and body.
Maintenance, manual cleaningLightly wash the filters once in a month after emptying the oil collector.Filters are highly clogged due to oil particles, that’s why the filters need to be washed twice in a month and a lot of effort is needed to wash the clogged filters.
Suction powerSuction power is much higher because of the oil collectors hence very less oil gets stuck in the filter. Inside filters get clogged because of oil sticking to the filter, hence suction power is drastically low.
PriceSlightly costlier than the non-auto clean chimneysMedium priced
ExampleFaber auto clean chimneyButterfly Rhino Kitchen Chimney



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Best Chimneys in India

The client necessity and spending plan is the significant angle to consider while deciding the auto clean stack for the kitchen.

It is significant for individuals to assess their need and spending plan since it assumes a fundamental job for them to utilize it to the most extreme degree.

Look at the Top 10 Auto-clean Chimney to make sense of your correct item to use for quite a while.

Different Types of Chimney Filters

Irrespective of chimney type a chimney’s absorption power depends on the filter and suction power.

Types of Chimney Filter

Depending on the manufacturing structure and materials Chimney filters are classified into three types.

  • Mesh Filter / Cassette filters
  • Baffle filter
  • Charcoal filter

Chimney Filters: Baffle vs Mesh vs Charcoal


Mesh filter

Baffle filter

Charcoal filter

How it is made?

It is comprised of multiple layers of aluminium mesh

It is made up of multiple stainless steel curved panel

It is made up of charcoal slate with holes inside it

How does it work?

Aluminium mesh captures oil and grease particles from smoke.

Curves present in the stainless steel panel captures grease and oil particles.

Holes present in between charcoal slate absorb smoke and oil particles.

Is it suitable for Indian cooking?


Yes, Baffle filters are perfectly suitable for Indian kitchens and cooking habits

Yes, Charcoal filters are perfectly suitable for Indian kitchens and cooking habits

Cleaning process and frequency

Difficult. Should be done once a week

Moderate. Should be done once in 3 to 4 weeks

Not washable

What happens if it isn’t cleaned regularly 

Grease  and oil, in mesh, reduce the suction power of chimney and leads to an increase in the chimney noise

Grease  and oil, in baffle filter, does not affect the suction power or noise

Not washable

Noise caused due to filter




Durability of the filter



Very less, filter has to be replaced in 3 to 4 months






Kaff ray chimney

Pigeon Sterling chimney


Mesh Filter / Cassette filters

Best Auto Clean Chimney in India

Multiple layers of mesh retain grease and oil particles from fumes and throw out remaining fumes.

Mesh holes blocked by oil and grease particles results in the reduction of suction capacity of the filters.

Aluminium or Stainless steel is used for the cassette filter. Stainless steel cassette filters are a little bit expensive as compared to the aluminium filter available in the market.

But Aluminium cassette filter is lighter and easy to handle.  Careful cleaning is required for Aluminium cassette filter whereas stainless steel is heavier, a little bit tricky to handle but cleaning is effortless.

Cleaning of the chimney can be done quickly with dishwashing liquid, baking soda. Needs to be washed weekly. Mesh/cassette filter is not at all suitable for us as per our Indian cooking habit.

Pros of Cassette Filter

Cassette filter is much cheaper than its counterpart baffle filter.

Cassette filter is lightweight, therefore detaching cassette filter from the chimney is extremely easy.

To find the right cassette chimney look for the keyword ‘Cassette filter’ in the description of the product.

Cons of Having A Cassette Filter

Must be cleaned regularly, at least weekly. In some cases oil and grease, that stick on mesh threads catch fire.

Overall cleaning of a cassette filter is comparatively much tricky than that of a baffle filter.

It prevents smooth airflow and executes a little bit extra noise as compared to the baffle filter.

Baffle Filter

Best Auto Clean Chimney in India

The baffle filter is a flow control panel. The air moves in the panel, which is made of multiple curves. During this process, the panel retains grease and oil particles that collect in it.

Most of the time, baffle filters made up of stainless steel. For those who prefer aluminium baffle filters, they are also available in the market but rarely. The suction power is affected as oil and grease particles are not an obstacle to the flow of air.

It needs to be cleaned once in 3 to 4 weeks. It is one of the best suitable filters for Indian cooking.

Pros of Having A Baffle Filter

Baffle filter demands lower maintenance than a cassette filter and is easy to clean. Besides, they are dishwasher safe.

They are more durable than cassette filters with improved airflow and have the efficient suction power of the motor.

Baffle filter chimneys are the best for Indian food items which have Masala food.

It is easy to find a baffle chimney, look for the product description on the internet and search for baffle filter.

Cons of Having a Baffle Filter

Baffle filters are a little bit heavy so that detaching baffle filter from the chimney is a difficult task.

As baffle filter needs to be cleaned approximately once a month, therefore this con can be negligible.

Expensive than its counterpart, the cassette filter.

Charcoal Filter

Best Auto Clean Chimney in India

The charcoal filter is normally an optional filter that is used along with cassette or baffle filter. As the name suggests, this type filters made up of charcoal.

The charcoal filter absorbs the oil and grease particles stuck in it. The absorption power depends on the thickness of filters and the charcoal granules present in it.

Depending on its usage you have to change the charcoal filter as it is not washable.

Pros of Having a Carbon Filter

As carbon filter is used along with the cassette of baffle filter, it improves the efficiency of the kitchen chimney.

Cons of Carbon filter

As carbon filter is not washable, the user has to replace it in 2 to 3 months depending on the usage. Replacing carbon filter makes for the additional overhead charges of the maintenance.

Cleaning Chimney Filter

The chimney filters should be cleaned every 3-4 wks as the greasy filters will reduce the efficiency of the chimney. So it is better to clean the filters at least on a monthly basis.

Cleaning a baffle filter is little easier than Mesh filter needs frequent cleaning in comparison to the baffle filters.

You can clean the chimney filters easily using simple ingredients like baking soda, hot water, vinegar, caustic soda, paint thinner or lemon.

Hot water is the main ingredient; it loosens up the stickiness of oil in the chimney filters.

The Basic Technique Of Cleaning Using Salt, Lemon And Baking Soda

Take a medium size container and pour boiling water along with 2 to 4 tbsp baking soda, 2 to 4 tbsp salt and squeeze a lemon in it.

Leave the filters into the container for approximately 2 to 3 hours.

After taking it out from container scrub it with mild detergent liquid and dry it in the sun.

In case of caustic soda, sprinkle 2 to 4 tbsp caustic soda in the tub and add hot boiling water into the tub.

Let it rest for 2 to 3 hr. If necessary, scrub it with a scrubber and dry it in the sun.


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Chimney-Filter Types Conclusion

As we Indians mostly cook spicy and oily food, baffle filter is best suitable for Indian kitchens owing to their efficiency, easy cleaning and low noise level.

You can also read our kitchen chimney buying guide to get more details about kitchen chimney.

It’s the smartest way to select the products without reading buying guides.

How To Choose The Right Size of Kitchen Chimney 

Best Auto Clean Chimney in India

Here I am furnishing some of the handy tips to decide the required size of kitchen chimney that would be suitable to you according to your kitchen size, stove, hob size. 

You can use our kitchen chimney selector kitchen chimney selection tool, for now, right kitchen chimney suitable according to your kitchen needs.

Size of the Kitchen Chimney 

Most of the kitchen chimneys are available today are in the standard size i.e. 60cm and 90cm.

Buying of the kitchen chimney size should depend on the size of the stove, hob and kitchen size.

The thumb rule is basically to choose a kitchen chimney size which is slightly bigger than the stove or hob size.

Why…? so that kitchen chimney should cover the entire stove or hob and absorb the smoke effectively.

Generally for 2-4 burner stove or hob 60cm kitchen chimney size is enough and for 3-5 burners, kitchen chimney choose 90cm size one.

Stove sizeChimney sizeExample
2 to 4 burners stove60 cm chimney sizeKaff nero 60cm chimney
3 to 5 burners stove90 cm chimney sizeHindware celo 90cm chimney

Keep in mind that a kitchen chimney size should be either larger than the stove or the size of the stove but never smaller.

When Kitchen chimney size is smaller than stove or hob size then some part of cooking fumes, are bound to escape from kitchen chimney suction power and spread in the kitchen.

Matching Accessories

Gas Stoves

Cook your favourite dishes on the Gas Stove and impress your guests. With a stainless steel body and heavy-duty brass burners, this stove is strong and durable.

Featuring smooth edges, it is easy to clean and maintain. This stove features a unique pan support design for added convenience.


High quality and premium design hobs let you enjoy cooking longer. Hobs are a combination of style and simplicity.

Gas Hobs are available in Stainless Steel & Glass (tempered) finish, they have a combination of burners to suit individual requirements.

The Conclusion/Verdict

The auto-clean Chimney has begun involving the market on account of extra and helpful highlights.

It is comprehended that the item is costly, yet gives you a chance to utilize it for quite a while.

The customary administration and cleaning costs should be determined shrewdly to pick the correct auto cleaning fireplace.

We exceptionally prescribe individuals to go with auto clean stack since it encourages them to encounter the cutting edge innovation and abatement the manual exertion every now and then.

Quick Overview
Sunflame Innova Titanium

Product Name: Sunflame Innova Titanium

Product Description: Auto Clean; Recirculating Air; Touch Control

Brand: Sunflame

Availability: InStock


  • Suction Capacity
  • Touch Control
  • Noise Level
  • Ease of Maintenance

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